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International Journal of Biological Technology
ISSN:0976-4313 (Print)

Volume No. 3(1)                                               April,2012

Captive breeding and Larval rearing of an endangered fish, Ompok pabo (Hamilton-Buchanan) through low cost technology

D.Sarma, J. Das , A. Dutta and U. C. Goswami

In silico prediction of DNA binding with one finger (Dof) transcription factorgenes in Lycopersicum esculentum

Sunaina Kashyap, Neeraj Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Vandana Kashyap, Jonnada A.V.P. Rao

Study of wild edible plants among tribal groups of Simlipal Biosphere Reserve Forest, Odisha, India; with special reference to Dioscorea species

Sanjeet Kumar, Padan Kumar Jena, Prakash Kumar Tripathy

Captive breeding and nursery rearing of Labeo bata (Hamilton-Buchanan) through low cost technology

J. Das, D. Sarma and A. Dutta

Unusual Spike Development of Primitive Fern Helminthostachys zeylanica (L.) Hook. (Ophioglossaceae)

M. Shunmuga Sundari, A. Benniamin, Udayakumari, S. Muthulakshmi

Serumic Sialic Acid in Calves with Diarrhea syndrome

Hassanpour Ali, Bakhtiari Aram, Saeid Safarmashaei

Antimicrobial Resistant Pattern of Gram Negative Bacteria to Third Generation Cephalosporins in Rural and Urban Centres of Tamil nadu, India

T.Jeyaseelan Senthinath, P. Revathi, P.K.Rath, M. Suresh, R.S.Vigneshwari, A.Uma, P.T.K.Subramanian, K.Moorthy and N.Thajuddin

Response of Turmeric to Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) Inoculation under different levels of Nitrogen

Nagaraja Suryadevara and P. Ponmurugan

Gel Mobility assay of DNA- Pho P/Pho Q Protein Interaction of MDR Salmonella typhi isolated from Erode Slaughter House

Balasubramani Gangathraprabhu and Ponnusamy Ponmurugan

Identification of Biofilm and Multidrug Resistance Uti Isolates of E.coli

D. Nancy, D. Jegadeeshkumar, P. Indra arulselvi, M. Malathi, R. Nithy

Simple phenol profile of some species of Alysicarpus Neck. Ex. Desv.

Shadma Shahin and Naheed Ahmad

Assessment of Seaweeds in Biomonitoring and Biosorption of Heavy Metals

Babita Kumari and Vinay Sharma

In Silico Characterization of Hemagglutinin Protein of H1N1 Subtype

Harsh Vardhan Avinash Marwal, Peeyush Mathur, Rajneesh Prajapat

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