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International Journal of Biological Technology
ISSN:0976-4313 (Print)

Volume No. 1(2)                                                                                                             September,2010

In Vitro Propagation for Conservation of Rare and Threatened Plants of India – A Review

Vera Yurngamla Kapai, Priyanka Kapoor and I. Usha Rao

Study of Antimicrobial Activity of Medicinal Plants Against Various Multiple Drug Resistance Pathogens and Their Molecular Characterization and it’s Bioinformatics Analysis of Antibiotic Gene From Genomic Database with Degenerate Primer Prediction

Kaveri Singh, Vandana Tiwari, and Rajneesh Prajapat

Traditional herbal remedies among Bheel and Bhilala tribes of Jhabua District Madhya Pradesh

Vijay V. Wagh and Ashok K. Jain

Ethnomedicinal wisdom of the Manavalakuruchi people in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu

A.John De Britto, R. Mary Sujin, R. Mahesh and K. Dharmar

Genetic diversity of Velvet bean, Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC from Southern Western Ghats, India

C. Kalidass and V. R. Mohan

Carbendazim induced Histopathological changes in Adrenal, Thyroid Glands and some Enzyme Activities in Adrenal Gland of Rattus rattus

Manohar R. Gawande, Navara Murali, Anil Binjhade and Vinoy K Shrivastava

Physiological responses of Pistacia khinjuk (Stocks) seedlings to water stress

Taymour Rostami Shahraji, Hajimerzai and N. Shabaian

In Vitro Propagation of Dendrobium nanum through rhizome bud culture

M. Maridass, R. Mahesh, G.Raju, A. Benniamin, and K. Muthuchelian

Coleus aromaticus Benth act as an immunostimulant in Channa marulius Hamilton

K.S. Sunitha, M.A. Haniffa, M. James Milton and Arthi Manju

ABD: Advanced Biotechnological Directory for Protein Sequence and Structure analysis

R. Azhaguraj, C. Viswanathan, B. Sangeetha and M. Selvanayagam

In vitro Multiplication and field Establishment of Indoneesiella ecohides L. – An Important Medicinal Plant

S. Wilson, Y.Justin Koilpillai and L. Louis Jesudass

Gonad developmental cycle of Puntius filamentosus

M. Mannar Mannan, M. Maridass and S. Thangarani

Influence of carbon source on phytase production by Aspergillus niger

R.Thyagarajan and S. Karthick Raja Namasivayam

Reproductive biology of anemone fish, Amphiprion sebae (Bleeker,1853) (Pomacentridae) from the Gulf of Mannar, India

A.Pushparaj, P. Ambika and M.Maridass

Bioremediation of Heavy metal contaminated soil by the Exigobacterium and Accumulation of Cd, Ni, Zn and Cu from Soil environment

R.Ajaz Haja Mohideen, V.Thirumalai Arasu, K.R.Narayanan, and M.I.Zahir Hussain

The Magnitude Effect of the Inhibitory Effect of 2, 4-D on the Physico-Chemical Nature of Ipomoea carnea jacq. (Convolvulaceae) - A weed plant.

Y. Justin Koilpillai, S. Wilson and L. Louis Jesudass

Genomic DNA Vaccine mix for common Food born Bacterial Diseases

M. Muruganandam

DNA Vaccine for Bacterial pathogen Escherichia coli

M. Muruganandam

Effect of Probiotic Bacteria on the Growth rate of Fresh Water Fish, Catla catla

M.M. Abdul Kader Mohideen, T. Selva Mohan, S. Peer Mohamed, and M.I. Zahir Hussain

Pseudomonas fluorescens is an Effective Probiotic against Fish-Pathogenic Vibrio sp

M.M. Abdul Kader Mohideen, T. Selva Mohan, K. R. Fathima Mashroora, K. Kiruthika Lakshmi and M.I. Zahir Hussain

Synergistic Efficiency of Phosphate solubilizer associated with Nitrogen fixer on the Growth of Soybean (Glycine max)

P.Gangasuresh, V. Muthuselvi, E.Muthulakshmi, S.Muthumari, and G. Maniammal

Conservation of an Endanagered Indian Catfish Ompok malabaricus through captive breeding and Established of captive population

C. Vijayakumar

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